Frequently Asked Questions

+ 1. What is FivePlusTrax?
+ 2. How much is a FivePlusTrax subscription?
+ 3. What is your refund policy?
+ 4. How else can I use FivePlusTrax?
+ 5. I use a bookkeeper to keep track of my finances. Can I still use FivePlusTrax?
+ 6. How is my information updated?
+ 7. How do I sign up for FivePlusTrax?
+ 8.What QuickBooks editions does FivePlusTrax work with?
+ 9. Doesn’t my bookkeeper already do all this?
+ 10. What do I do if I do not use any financial software?
+ 11. What is Web Connector and why do I have to download it?
+ 12.How do I log in to FivePlusTrax?
+ 13. Can I log in from any computer?
+ 14. What do I do if my financial software does not integrate with FivePlusTrax?
+ 15. What type of security does FivePlusTrax have?
+ 16. Is my data safe?
+ 17.Does anyone have access to my financial data?
+ 18. How can I protect my FivePlusTrax account?
+ 19. If someone does manage to steal my FivePlusTrax login information, can they access my QuickBooks data?
+ 20.What information can I monitor in my FivePlusTrax Dashboard™?
+ 21. How do I set up alerts in my FivePlusTrax Dashboard™?
+ 22.How do I change the username on my account?
+ 23.How do I change the password on my account?
+ 24. How do I cancel my account?
+ 25. Do you have a Partner Program?
+ 26. How can I make a product suggestion?
+ 27. How should I submit a bug?